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Just a central Pennsylvania gal that loves all things HANDMADE and HOMEMADE!

I grew up baking, sewing, knitting, canning and crafting with my mom; building, hunting, fishing, camping and DIY-ing with my dad.  My paternal grandmother also lived with us; so I gained the benefits of her quilting and gardening as well.

Nearby, my maternal grandparents owned and operated a commercial orchard.  This grandma saved the seeds from her garden every year & taught my mom to can tremendously YUMMY fresh fruit & sauces.  I will always treasure memories of their AMAZING homemade bread + all of the family moments and stories that happened in the process of weeding, breaking beans, building a garage, & working in the shop- not to mention the time when my dad showed us why he didn’t belong in the canning kitchen by blowing up the homemade spaghetti sauce all over the ceiling.  (NOTE to Dad’s everywhere- Tim Allen’s “MORE POWER” philosophy does NOT apply to canning!)  Oh yes, high adventures!

As we made our way to destinations around PA & Maryland, I also gained the benefit of seeing my grandpa & uncle’s welding skills in bridges & buildings throughout the region.  I enjoyed all the things they & my dad made for us in the shop.

As an adult, I realize that I took for granted always being able to call someone in the family or friends circle to come & make or fix something- or knowing how to do it myself. Whether it was taking out a dead tree in the yard, knitting a winter scarf, baking a loaf of bread, getting a haircut, or building a new bookcase, we just did it at home .

Later, I married a military man who came from a strong line of military & union service & we’ve made a happy life together.  We value both academics & hands-on learning and are grateful that we grew up with non-traditional education systems- he being a product of Catholic School & me experiencing both public school & later homeschooling (which I loved!).  I also went on to teach in some really incredible Charter Schools where I wrote curriculum for Spanish & Art that was highly project-based.

Along the way, I invented a new form of quilting that I call Yosaic Quilting™ which I also have a blog on.  Feel free to visit:

As you can see, we are a very “blue collar,” HANDS-ON family ranging in knowledge bases from nursing to teaching, military service, union work & traditional crafts and more.  My favorite memories by far are of all the times we’ve spent making something together.  I grew up with a can-do, inventive spirit that was a result of the can-do inventive spirits all around me.  So, I hope you will enjoy the funny stories, learning experiences & projects provided here to help the next generation learn and enjoy the everyday adventures we have treasured.  Here’s a great glimpse into a happy, rural American life!


Degree: Elementary Ed from Penn State, 3.86 GPA

Certification in Art K-12

Concentration in Spanish

2 Years Business and Marketing, Allegheny College of Maryland

10+ years Business Marketing/Advertising, Average 63% account growth annually.  (That’s 4-8x’s the average sales!)

5+ years teaching: Spanish, Art, & English as a 2nd Language (also wrote Spanish K-3 Curriculum)

Inventor of new form of quilting- Yosaic™ Quilting, The New Impressionism.  Learn more at: Yosaic™ Quilting


Quilting, Sewing Clothes, & Embroidery

Knitting & Crochet

Painting, Drawing, Wood Carving & Amateur Photography

Baking, Canning, and Healthy Cooking (+ recipe experimentation)

Camping, Hiking, & Fun with Family


Home Remodeling & basic repairs

Spinning (yarn making)

Smocking (a sewing technique)

Gardening (particularly indoor gardening to get through the long PA winters!)


Western United States: Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park, Glacier National Park, The Grand Canyon, Temple Square during the 2002 Olympics, Mountain drive through Colorado


Cherokee, NC

Washington DC/ Baltimore/ NYC


Any number of Folk Art Schools and/or living history camps!  (We’ve got a fabulous one right here in Somerset, PA at the  Barrel Making or Maple Sugaring anyone???)  *Not an affiliate- just an amazing living history center!

England/ Scotland: Royal School of Embroidery at Hampton Court is a MUST 🙂 along with many other historic sites!

A Quilting or Knitting Cruise

Machu Picchu

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