Moving My Mojo

Life is more than a little bit crazy this summer.  At Church, I have been asked to work with the regional activities for our young women ages 12-18; so we’ve had a week long girls camp, we’ve got a weekend long youth conference (both boys & girls from about 1/3 of PA) coming up soon, & then we’re planning a young women’s retreat for back to school + all of the fun fall activities like square dances & speakers & I don’t even know what yet.  I love it.  I absolutely do.  I do events at work as well & I don’t mind juggling all sorts of different things, but this summer is really stretching me because- GASP– we bought a house (for the first time)!!!  So, that’s events for work, events for Church & a move.  I cannot even begin to say how much I am missing my sewing & knitting time right now, which, of course has been temporarily sacrificed to packing & moving…


Sewww- the more I miss it, the more I think about rhythms & routines & how making things makes life!  We are creatures of habit.  I learned that in my education classes in college.  If you want to have a happy baby, establish a routine & NEVER- I mean NEVER deviate from it!  The more we know what’s coming- regardless of whether we are 3 months or 39 years (Oops! Freudian slip!) the calmer we are.

When you think about it, holidays & traditions are routines.  You do the same thing every year because that’s what makes it feel like a holiday and you feel better if everything goes the way it’s supposed to, right?  Making your bed everyday can make your whole day feel good, too.  I think that’s why making things & especially making things together just feels good.  It has a rhythm & it becomes part of your routine.  I typically knit at night while we’re watching TV, I hand sew when my husband is driving, I machine sew when it’s football season (& I stand no chance whatsoever of controlling the remote), etc.  Picking up one of my projects every night lets me shift into neutral & de-stress!  I think we’re missing that/seeking that a lot in today’s society.


I laughed so hard that I stopped breathing the other night when I heard someone on The Tonight Show say, “Backyard chickens are a gateway drug to beekeeping!”  Then I put it on my Facebook & it went wild with comments & interactions.  Sooooo true though!  They were talking about how many people worked incredibly stressful jobs & then go home & clean out backyard chicken coops for fun & give home grown eggs as gifts at parties, etc.  It has become this incredible phenomenon along with the whole “make it” movement.  Something inside our heads just knows that to balance out all of the tech & screen time & stress we need to get back to growing gardens, making things & interacting with animals.  It’s nature’s chill pill.  And, I believe it explains why, as we move further & further away from a society that makes things for a living, we have seen such a spike in mental health issues & stress related problems…


I looked at my husband the other night after panicking about something related to the move again & said, “I haven’t knitted enough; that’s my problem!” and I was right.  We have moved my mojo right along with the house & I’m not going to get it back until I unpack my sewing room & my knitting.

So- go ahead- make those jokes about “I knit/sew & nobody gets hurt.”  We all know- it really is true & it’s important.  We need to acknowledge that it’s an important tool in surviving modern life.  We might not need the things we make the way our ancestors did, but we need the process of making. 


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