What’s Yosaic™ Quilting?

Yosaic™ Quilting is a new form of yo-yo quilting that I’ve invented!  It combines a number of different quilting techniques to form a new genre entirely.  Yosaic™ is a term that I’ve invented as well.  I combined ‘yo-yo’ and ‘mosaic’ to form Yosaic™ since many of the creations are mosaics made from fabric yo-yos!

Yosaic™ Quilting can include:

  • Crazy Quilting Embroidery
  • Hand Quilting/ Running Stitch
  • Applique
  • Machine Quilting
  • Machine Embroidery
  • Jewelry Making
  • Mixed Materials
  • Traditional Block Piecing
  • Plein Air Painting & Blending Techniques
  • Impressionism