What’s Great About Yosaic™ Quilting?

I think that Yosaic™ Quilting is the easiest, most versatile form of quilting. Why? I can give you endless reasons.


Yosaic ™ Quilting can be done entirely with one basic stitch: known variously as the running, gathering or quilting stitch. It’s a one stop shop that is great for a beginner, but can be expanded endlessly for the most advanced quilter to include hand embroidery, machine embroidery, appliqué, machine quilting and more.

However, when you’re first getting started, all you need to learn how to do is cut out a circle, turn over a 1/4 in. edge, thread a needle, and stick it in and out of that edge going all the way around the circle, gathering it up tight at the end & tying it off.

If you want to learn how to quilt or sew, you will need to learn basic hand sewing anyway, and this is one of the very first stitches to learn; so why not start with yo-yos?


For basic Yosaic™ Quilting, all you really need are some fabric scraps, a pair of sharp scissors, a needle and thread. No need to invest in expensive tools to get started. However, as you grow and learn, adding all sorts of fun toys to your sewing room, you will be able to incorporate them all into your Yosaic™ Quilting adventures!


One of my favorite parts of Yosaic™ Quilting is the ability to take it with me and get little stress breaks in whenever I have wait time here and there throughout my day or a lunch break. I can pack a Ziplock baggie of fabric circles, thread, needles & tiny scissors in my purse & use up little snippets of time that I’ve got anywhere I go.

If I’m assembling small Yosaic™ projects, I can also take those in my go-bag & pull out my hand quilting or embroidery. I don’t have to wait for quiet time to sit down at my machine, or cutting table. I’ve even taken circles to cut out in the car on long trips with me before. Just take a bag for the trimmings!

I also love being able to get some work done during movies where everyone else wants it quiet and mostly dark. I found that after awhile, I had made enough yo-yos that I could do it by feel without looking at what I was doing; so I began sewing in the dark! Now, when movie time comes around, I just wait for a brighter scene in the film to thread my needle & sew away by touch. By the end of the movie, I have a whole lap-full of new yo-yos just waiting to be assembled into a necklace, purse, shawl or any number of projects! (You might be wondering how I make sure that I am sewing on the wrong side of the fabric? If I set up my stack of yo-yos all wrong side up before the movie, I just have to pick them up that way, and turn the edge over to face myself. Then the right side is facing out & the wrong side is facing me as I sew around the inside edge. Easy!)


Yosaic Quilting can be very, very free-form. You don’t have to make a design at all if you don’t want to. You can use all different size yo-yos. You can use up all of the scrap fabric that you have, making the yo-yos whatever sizes fit your scraps. You can mix types of fabrics as in a crazy quilt or stick to all quilting cottons. It is very forgiving.

You’re not going to spend hours at the cutting table trying to figure out which is the bias side of the fabric and whether you’ve pinned the wrong edges together and will have too much or too little stretch in your finished quilt. Because yo-yos are circles, the bias of the fabric doesn’t really matter.

So, let’s say that you’re machine quilting some flannel yo-yos together for a nice heavy throw & a few of the yo-yos that you’ve pinned together stretch apart leaving a hole. Isn’t hat a mistake? Well, not if you throw another yo-yo overtop that hole & work it in. It’s very forgiving in that way.

With traditional quilting, perfect cutting equals perfect seams, but with Yosaic™ Quilting, a slightly wobbly cut can be turned under when sewing and will be just fine. Again- it’s very forgiving. With all of the overlapping that happens with Yosaic™ Quilting, it’s hard to say what the perfect seam is as well. There are a few tricks to getting the hand embroidery or machine stitching to look right, but if you’re a beginner and you start out with hand quilting, or whip stitching, it will looks just fine!


Yosaic™ Quilting combines fabric yo-yos with a number of traditional forms of quilting to create a new hybrid of quilting techniques. So far, the applications for it have been nearly endless! It can be a stand alone form of quilting or appliquéd to various traditional forms of quilting. It can be used to create jewelry, accessories and household items.

However, it is NOT your traditional yo-yo quilting, where the yo-yos are used as a decoration on a quilt or piece of clothing, creating crafty-looking flowers with buttons glued on top to hide ugly gathering stitches in the center. Yosaic™ Quilting uses a very specific technique for making the yo-yos that will help them to last longer, and uses specific techniques for either appliquéing or quilting them in an overlapping or lace format. A trademark of Yosaic™ Quilting is also the use of multiple sizes of yo-yos.